Integrated Marketing Communications Plan – Debauch



The Other Bird is a restaurant company based in Hamilton, Ontario, whose mission is to challenge people’s perceptions of food. They believe in experience above anything else, and have carefully planned their seven restaurants to reflect the importance they place on customer service. Over the last year, The Other Bird has been working on bringing the restaurant experience to peoples’ homes with a cookbook. This collaboration between all of their chefs makes dinner party planning easy, suggesting coursing, cocktail pairings, and presentation tips for all of their best-loved recipes. Debauch launched late November 2017.

Situational Analysis

The Other Bird wants to raise awareness about the cookbook and make consistent sales, as well as increase customer base for restaurants.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weaknesses
–   The Other Bird has a loyal following that will be sure to want their cookbook

–   The attitude and humour of the company, which adds to its popularity, is reflected in the cookbook

–   All restaurant favourites are included, so consumers can learn to make all the best foods

–   Not available at bookstores

–   Incorporates attitude of Other Bird restaurants, so people unfamiliar with the company might not understand it

–    The Other Bird does not do a lot of online marketing for their products

Opportunities Threats
–   Little online marketing means there is great potential for growth

–   Launch near Christmas; fans of the company will give the book as gifts and gain new customers

–   Everyone is publishing cookbooks lately, potential for consumer fatigue

–   The company is important to Hamilton but not necessarily outside of the city; limited reach and audience

Communications Objectives

  1. Inform customers of the cookbook’s release in order to achieve a 50% customer purchase rate by March 31, 2018.
  2. Engage cookbook purchasers with the brand in order to increase restaurant customer base by 20% by March 31, 2018.


Primary – Other Bird customers, people who like to entertain
Secondary – Hamiltonians, young families, home cooks, media


  1. Use social media and print media to develop an awareness campaign about the cookbook.
  2. Demonstrate the fun of cooking at home and the company in general with face-to-face meetings with current and potential customers.
  3. Use spokespeople from the company and the community to promote the cookbook and restaurants.


Key Messages

  1. The Other Bird is a fun, youthful company that wants to be your go-to.
  2. Restaurant-quality cooking is possible at home by following the clear, simple steps in our cookbook.


The themes will be “A Cookbook for Social Rogues” and “The Other Bird Loves You”


To use social media and print media to develop an awareness campaign, The Other Bird will:

  • Create social media accounts for the cookbook, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Share recipes and tutorials on social media to give people a taste of what is in the cookbook
  • Host contests and giveaways that encourages engagement with the social media accounts
  • Create posters for windows of restaurants and local partner stores
  • Send media releases to local newspapers about the cookbook
  • Conduct interviews with relevant reporters to add a human element to the book and share some of the personality that is in the cookbook


In order to demonstrate the fun of The Other Bird, the company will:

  • Host product demonstrations and cooking classes with the Other Bird chefs who developed the recipe
  • Host a #socialrogues cooking contest in which amateur chefs can demonstrate their best interpretations of popular recipes for a panel of Other Bird judges
  • Launch the cookbook by inviting guests to a dinner party featuring only recipes from the book to demonstrate its versatility

Using spokespeople to promote the restaurants and cookbook, The Other Bird will:

  • Use staff and customer testimonials about the company and their products to share on social media and websites
  • Give products to local people for honest reviews



The primary way to determine the effectiveness of this campaign is to monitor the sales of the cookbook, to see if people know about it and are interested in purchasing it. Servers and managers at the restaurants where it is for sale can also record who is asking about it to determine engagement levels, regardless of whether or not there is a sale attached. This can be achieved through a count on the Point of Sale system, TouchBistro.

The cookbook is available at small local businesses, Other Bird restaurants, and online. With each purchase a very short survey can be conducted, consisting of only one question: “How did you hear about Debauch?” This will enable monitoring of how people are engaging with the product and marketing tactics. The purpose of the cookbook is to endear people to the Other Bird brand and increase restaurant customership, and, ideally, customers who enjoy the cookbook will begin to visit the restaurants. Monitoring cookbook sales against customer visits through a statistical analysis would be the best way to count this.

Using online analytics methods, like Meltwater and Google Analytics, The Other Bird can measure consumer sentiment, tracking hashtags and reviews, to see if the cookbook and the company in general is well received.

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